Welcome to my site all!! I am Clarissa and this is Syndicated Staffing, LLC a minority owned business with over 30 years of combined experience in the
Staffing and Recruiting industries.
We have experience in hiring and recruiting in the Administrative, Housekeeping,HR, Medical, IT, and Warehouse positions with an extensive network to back us up.
For Employers I look forward to assisting you with your staffing and recruiting needs.
For Job Candidates I'd love to assist you with all of your job placements needs!

  I started this business because even though I loved my work as recruiter placing a variety of positions across multiple fields, I was tired of being contracted for multiple agencies especially on a short term basis . I would give my all working for staffing agencies that looked at me as a number and only that! The larger staffing agencies did not care about keeping me on assignments for the long term which really took a toll on mine and my families needs: financially and emotionally.
I wasn't going to allow my family and myself to be put through that kind of hardship. So i decided to take matters into my own hands and turn that negative into a positive.
I used all of my Recruiting, Staffing, Admission Advisor, and Branch Managerial experience to create Syndicated Staffing.
I never want anyone to be put in the position I was in and feel the way I felt.  
Shaped by my own experiences, Syndicated's main focus is placing candidates on long term assignments, and or direct placement roles.
Please contact me so we can help rebuild our economy by pairing genuine hardworking, dedicated, educated, seasoned, overlooked employees with great employers.